An all-in-one nanoreactor for high-resolution microscopy on nanomaterials at high pressures


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We present a new MEMS nanoreactor fully integrated on a single die. It enables atomic-scale imaging of nanostructured materials under the high pressures and temperatures that are typical for many industrial applications (14 bar and 660°C). The reactor can therefore be used to study the behavior of e.g. catalysts in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). It has a shallow channel (0.5 μm), which is made with surface micromachining techniques and contains pillars that prevent bulging. Integrated with the channel are very thin windows (15 nm) and a resistive heater. The reactor is very transparent, enabling the imaging of atomic lattice fringes with a spacing down to at least 0.15 nm.

Authors: J. F. Creemer ; F. Santagata ; B. Morana ; L. Mele ; T. Alan ; E. Iervolino ; G. Pandraud ; P. M. Sarro

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