Quantum motion of a squeezed mechanical oscillator attained via an optomechanical experiment


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We experimentally investigate a mechanical squeezed state realized in a parametrically modulated membrane resonator embedded in an optical cavity. We demonstrate that a quantum characteristic of the squeezed dynamics can be revealed and quantified even in a moderately warm oscillator, through the analysis of motional sidebands. We provide a theoretical framework for quantitatively interpreting the observations and present an extended comparison with the experiment. A notable result is that the spectral shape of each motional sideband provides a clear signature of a quantum mechanical squeezed state without the necessity of absolute calibrations, in particular in the regime where residual fluctuations in the squeezed quadrature are reduced below the zero-point level.

Authors: P. Vezio, A. ChM. Bonaldi, A. Borrielli, F Marino, B. Morana, A. Prodi, P. M. Sarro, E. Serra 4 and F. Marin

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